Release Notes

17th November 2019

1.0.11 – 1.0.16 (October and November 2021)

New features:

  • We’re getting ready for the release of Full Site Editing by adding 4 new block patterns:
    • Header: Displays the website title and slogan with a solid colour background.
    • Footer: Displays a copyright notice with the website’s name and anything else you want in the footer.
    • Promotional Headings: Displays two light-weight headings as shown on Ballyhoo’s promotional material.
    • Fact File: Displays a fact file for an item, with a title, an image and a few paragraphs (which can be turned into a list) with a rounded border.
    • If you can think of any block patterns you’d like to see in Ballyhoo, let me know by contacting me at
  • We’ve added Block Styles for the following blocks:
    • Buttons (Square, Square Outline)
    • Code (Dark)
    • Image (Rounded Square)
    • Pullquotes (Huge)
    • Quotes (Huge, Light)
    • Verse (Dark, Large, Large Dark)

Under-the-hood improvements:

  • We rewrote the theme using the Underscores theme framework to fix the following problems:
    • Fix problem where dropdowns were not showing properly
    • All strings that need to be translated… can now be translated.
    • Lots of other under-the-hood problems that kept being flagged up by the WordPress Theme Review team in previous releases
  • Removed Customizer settings including font family, banner and displaying copyright text in the footer. This is purely because I am focused on making a stable theme that can be used on any WordPress website. We may not add some of these options back in a future release because of advancements in block editor and full site editing features.
  • 1.0.12 only: Changes to the way block styles are called in an attempt to prevent PHP errors.

1.0.10 (January 2020)

New features:

  • Added a new template where the featured image takes up the entire screen.
  • Added a new template with only the navigation bar and footer present.
  • Added a new checkbox in Theme Options allowing you to display copyright text if necessary.
  • Added 6 new fonts to the Font Family setting.

Under-the-hood improvements:

  • Sidebar display problem on mobile fixed.
  • Added focus indicators for links and buttons.
  • Tested theme with 5.3
  • Only displays footer if there is content to display.

Usability and design improvements:

  • Removed tag icon when there weren’t any tags for that particular post.
  • Changed the colour of the links to blue to improve accessbility.
  • Added margin on the last post before bottom of page.
  • Removed active and focus styles for post title.
  • Changed weight of post title to 700 (bold).


New features:

  • Want to add a banner to the top of your site? No problem. Just go to Theme Options and click “Yes”. From there, you can customize the text of the banner as well as it’s background colour and text colour.

Under-the-hood improvements:

  • Removed “echo” from get_theme_mod();
  • Removed script.js file in home directory
  • Enclosed get_the_date() in esc_html()
  • Fixed bug where clock doesn’t display before the date in index.php
  • Added translation in line 34 of header.php


Under-the-hood improvements:

  • Resized screenshot to recommended 1200 x 900 pixels
  • Removed add_editor_style() from header.php
  • Properly enqueued font setting
  • Added privacy policy link in footer
  • Updated licencing information for image in screenshot


Under-the-hood improvements:

  • Added Font Awesome licence URL
  • Modified empty ELSE statement


Under-the-hood improvements:

  • Removed unwanted code in functions.php
  • Changed way of inserting Google Fonts
  • Changed the way CSS and JavaScript files are inserted
  • Removed css/all.css
  • Increased line height to 1.3 to increase readability


Under-the-hood improvements:

  • Removed global variable assignments in WooCommerce files.
  • Changed size of screenshot.png to meet specifications
  • Added footer copyright text


New feature:

  • Choose from over 30 fonts to make your website look however you want. You can do this by going to the Customizer > Theme Options. All the fonts available will look great with Ballyhoo.

Under-the-hood improvements:

  • Styling added for bigger screens (wider than 2000px)
  • Made Ballyhoo translation-friendly by wrapping all attributes and values with a function


Added a few improvements under-the-hood (flagged by our recent theme inspection):

  • Removed wp_title(); tag in header.php and replaced it with add_theme_support(‘title-tag’); in functions.php
  • Included icon files within the theme’s .zip file
  • Changed the “suggested” theme header image, which is included in Ballyhoo’s .zip file
  • Changed function names to make them unique
    We also added a few other things:
  • Added theme support for custom logo
  • Added more styling for WooCommerce


Fixed some bugs. Updated readme.txt file to fit new specifications.