3rd October 2018

Ballyhoo is a minimalist theme suited for your needs

We’ve built this theme from the ground-up, ready for anything you need it to do.

Simple, minimalist design

Ballyhoo has been designed to be minimalist, meaning it can be used on a range of websites, including blogs and e-commerce websites.

Customisable? You betcha.

Ballyhoo is built to be customisable, with 4 block patterns and 9 block styles built-in, and lots more to come!

Ballyhoo and Gutenberg

Ballyhoo and Gutenberg go hand-in-hand. The brand-new block-based editor is great for making sure you have maximum control on what the page looks like. Ballyhoo helps you do this with ease, and you can even change what some elements look like with Block Styles!

Full-site editing

With Ballyhoo, it is possible to make a complete page using only blocks and block patterns. Check it out!

Get Ballyhoo for your WordPress site today.

The current version of Ballyhoo is 1.0.16. You can find out what’s new in the latest release in the Release Notes. This theme is GPL-compatible.