Simple and customizable.

Ballyhoo is a minimalist theme suited for your needs.

We’ve built this theme from the ground-up, ready for anything you need it to do.

Built from the ground-up

We’ve built Ballyhoo from the ground-up to be a minimalist theme that can be customized to your needs without writing a single line of code. Whether your website is a personal blog or a large forum visited by millions of visitors, Ballyhoo has got your back.

Maximum plugin support

When building Ballyhoo, we’ve added support for all major plugins. Want to build an online store with WooCommerce? You can. Or maybe you want to set up a social network of your own with BuddyPress? Go ahead. Or perhaps you want to create a forum or three with bbPress? Already done.

Ballyhoo and Gutenberg

Ballyhoo and Gutenberg go hand-in-hand. The brand-new block-based editor is great for making sure you have maximum control on what the page looks like.